Maximize the Use of Domain Names in Your Web Marketing

Published: 21st May 2012
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This article shows ways to use the management of domain names to increase the traffic to websites and preventing competitors from getting control of high-click keyword domain names by reserving and parking certain URLs. A budgetary consideration should be made so that an appropriate amount is allotted based on the potential profit margin, which in this case is often overlooked. A few hundred dollars applied correctly on domains will translate into tens of thousands in future business.

Many companies have one website when they should have several and developing a domain name strategy is often overlooked in the effervescent enthusiasm of new business start-ups. We have to ask ourselves “what is a domain name anyway? How can this factor in to help with the marketing”

A domain name is an important identifier in the fickle world of the Internet…it’s the first thing a search engine will read, it’s your nickname to Google, Yahoo, and the others – you’re not communicating with potential customers at the page retrieval stage, the domain name is talking to the spider indexing it with the page content so it should make very clear what you are offering. The information is being tossed in a bin – the index – for quick recovery later when the content matches a search term.

The search engine won’t catch your obscure jokes and puns; it’s interested in search terms so it’s best to be direct when naming your website. You will likely have competitors who use the industry keywords consciously for marketing effect in their domain names so you should reserve and park those that are enviously good but still available to cut down on the competition. Some sectors have a limited number of major keywords, such as “condo sales’ and ‘real estate’ so it’s a good idea to put aside a few hundred for tying up good URLs when a single sale could make the difference of many thousands in potential commissions.

There are free keyword tools such as Web CEO Online that will allow you to do a keyword analysis; this will help suggest terms to include in your domain name. Two to four words is the best length, for example: ‘’ would work better than ‘’ to make clear to the search engines what the public can find. There may be a giant sign on the lot saying ‘Pete’s Bargain Ranch’ but there’s no law saying you have to buy that when you register domain names.

Websites can be built for a few hundred dollars so a company can take advantage of a popular name on one home page and have another website built especially for SEO promotion with a keyword domain name. Putting unique content on the pages and linking them together will increase visitor traffic. In addition, a .tel site can be built easily and linked into the SEO work: the more whole domains carrying content you can put into circulation, the better the pages will rank, and the effect will get better all the time.

You may be in a sector where newcomers are putting up websites all the time. If there are only a few major keywords it can be worthwhile to make a list of a half-dozen domain names you wish you controlled, and then see if they are available when you go buying domain names. You might do well to reserve them for five years and park them. The cost would be around three hundred dollars but putting some money into domain name registration would be a wise investment.

If you are promoting your site with SEO it is recommended that you reserve the domain for the maximum ten years if possible to get higher consideration from search engines. The effort of locking up the domain name tells the search engines that your website is a permanent business and this establishes legitimacy, earning your pages higher ranking.

Pat Boardman is an SEO consultant writing in respect to Sibername domain names and web services where you can register domain names and arrange website hosting and web site design.

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