How Multiple Dot Tel Domains Can Increase Website Traffic

Published: 21st May 2012
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Four-fifths of Internet searches go down on Google so it makes sense to exploit their valuable .tel suffix. The .tel suffix was instituted to designate a formatted template site designed for smart phone searches so that searchers can phone you with one hand. More whole domain websites in your online marketing are good to boost your linking system; an official website is five pages or more and .tel websites can be built to multiple pages easily. Unique content should go onto each page.

Revolutionary new Internet tools don’t come along very often that have as much clout as the .tel suffix. People are doing searches more and more on their cell phones; these are people on the move, the kind of prospective customer that gets to the buying stage prepared to pay. This type of prospect is more aware and on his toes – a serious shopper with cash flow. When your .tel website comes up in his search and he clicks the link it’s now possible to phone your company with two clicks of the thumb…if someone on your end answers other than a tape machine you have a good chance to make a sale.

The .tel websites are pure information, links, and content; they are read and retrieved very quickly – faster than the other suffixes on the Web. This is because the data is stored not in the search engine index, but in the Domain Name Server so there is one less step to take in the retrieval process – the descriptions and keywords are right there with the name of the site.

Since the website URL is read first the best thing to do is to name the .tel site using keywords. If your company is conducting an SEO program it is worthwhile to set aside several hundred dollars to buy up major keyword domains to block competitors from using them. Two to five .tel websites can be mixed into the linking architecture, giving you dozens of extra landing pages holding unique content. Google approves since they profit from selling the domains and so those links will be regarded as high quality. This theory has been tested in SEO campaigns and the addition of many .tel sites has helped promote the other landing pages and higher rankings have been observed.

The investment is next to nothing to set up .tel websites – just the hours to construct the pages and the cost of the domains could lead to all kinds of first-page visibility to the pages you want to promote. Organizing your keywords is important so that you don’t miss any happy surprises: very often a major keyword that your SEO has been struggling with for your main website will get some visibility through a .tel site popping up. This ideally will have a link to your home page, your YouTube ads, your e-mail, and of course your phone number.

Once you have made a sale through a .tel site you have paid for the effort it took to build it. The rest is gravy as they say. Buying domain names will become a regular habit once value has been established…you can reserve and park good domains that could make money for someone else. You should add more content as you update the .tel sites; they can hold a lot of writing and very long lists of keywords on every page.

You should register domain names with a company that you can contact easily. Your registrar should be chosen based not on price, but on customer service. This will become apparent if you ever have the misfortune to have something go wrong with a domain name and need to talk to someone right away. You may be able to buy them from the company that does your domain hosting where your company is already known. A bargain-basement company won’t have anyone available to help you, so it’s well worth the extra dollars to get good service.

Pat Boardman is an SEO consultant writing in respect to Sibername domain names and web services where you can register domain names and arrange website hosting and web site design.

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